4 days for common climate justice

As an alliance of different climate justice groups in Lüneburg, we will organize a climate camp in the Kurpark from October 8-11, 2020.

The camp will take place under the motto "Think global - camp local" and offer a varied and colorful program of workshops, lectures, music and movement. We see it as an opportunity to make the protest against the political failure of social and ecological crises colorful and creative even during the Corona crisis.

The climate crisis does not wait until we have overcome the pandemic; on the contrary, especially in the period of political and economic restructuring that will follow the pandemic, it is important to discuss the issue of climate justice as publicly as possible.

Workshops on a wide range of topics related to climate justice are planned for the four days: Energy system transformation, sustainable utopias, sustainable activism, nuclear power, police law and police violence, degrowth, sea rescue, system change and many many more. In order to clear your mind between through and through, we have organized a varied mix of music from bands and DJ*nes and sportive or creative offers for you.

A hygiene concept for the camp has been planned in cooperation with the city and there will be an awareness team that can be contacted for personal concerns and problems if necessary.
For possible infection tracking there will be a registration system, which we will link here soon.

The camp is open to anyone who wants to deal with climate justice and system change, but we have no room for any form of inhuman behavior or conspiracy ideologies!
We are looking forward to a wonderful camp with you!

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