4 days for common climate justice


Hallou ihr motivierten Menschen

Das KlimaCamp geht diesen Sommer in die zweite Runde!!!
Wenn ihr Bock habt, es mit zu organisieren tretet hier der Telegram-Gruppe bei:

…und kommt gerne am 05. Februar um 19:30 Uhr zum ersten lockeren online Treffen.
Die Einwahldaten dazu schicken wir kurz vorher rum.  
Große Vorfreude!!!

Bis dahin, bleibt gesund und spinnt Ideen 🙂

The camp will take place under the motto "Think global - camp local" and offer a varied and colorful program of workshops, lectures, music and movement. We see it as an opportunity to make the protest against the political failure of social and ecological crises colorful and creative even during the Corona crisis.

The climate crisis does not wait until we have overcome the pandemic; on the contrary, especially in the period of political and economic restructuring that will follow the pandemic, it is important to discuss the issue of climate justice as publicly as possible.

The camp is open to anyone who wants to deal with climate justice and system change, but we have no room for any form of inhuman behavior or conspiracy ideologies!
We are looking forward to a wonderful camp with you!

Vielen Dank an unsere Förderungen: