About us

"Think globally - camp locally", under this motto our climate camp will take place from October 8th to 11th in the southern part of the Kurpark. There will be a colorful and diverse program with workshops and lectures as well as storytelling rounds and creative participatory activities, which will focus on climate and social justice and how both issues are connected. The Climate Camp Lüneburg was born out of the motivation to bring the climate problem and the idea of climate justice more closely to the attention of a larger number of people and to provide a contact point where they can inform themselves, organize and network. We are an independent group of people who are involved in different local initiatives and movements for a social-ecological change. We see the climate crisis as one of the most urgent problems of our society, but we also want to think further and include social problems in our utopias and approaches to solutions.

The camp is also intended to be an appeal to politicians to seriously commit themselves to a climate-friendly society.

Everyone is welcome. If you can be there and help with building, planning or financing, please contact us.